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These are not all of our photos, I have a lot on my cell phone that needs to be upload. I did post some photos on my Instagram account! And this is just a short recap of what we did. I have been working on a more detailed post of our trip, but that'll take some time. I'll post it once it is finished :)

Last week, my boyfriend and I had a great time vacationing in Hong Kong! Neither of us have ever been. The weather tired us out quickly, but towards the end of our 9-day trip we started to get used to it (of course, that would happen!). It was mostly about 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 95% humidity, and some rain (yuck!).

We mostly walked everywhere and if we had to travel to the other cities, we took the metro or rode the Star Ferry. We didn't experience taking a taxi with the fear of it being too expensive.

We took the tram up to Victoria Peak and took in the beautiful city. I wasn't sure what to expect once we got up there, but there are many shops and restaurants. We had delicious grilled cheese at Kala Cheese Toast. Oh my goodness, it was sooo good!

We trekked up the stairs to the Big Buddha.

We had Tea and delicious food at The Peninsula Hotel. There are 28 pillars in the hotel, with four different faces on each side-- 112 different faces!

We were educated about Hong Kong's history at the Hong Kong Museum of History. Between the 1960's and 1970's, waitresses would walk around with trays full of dim sum, now you just fill out a menu card. After dim sum, people would walk around town with bird cages (like walking your dog). At cafes or the park, there would be hooks where they could hang up the bird cages while they have a cup of coffee or play some chess. Unfortunately, The Hong Kong Space Museum exhibits were closed down for renovation, but we did visit the gift shop.

We took a cooking class where we learned how to make dumplings and spring rolls-- yum! Our cooking instructor, Ka, is such an awesome person! I wish I had her contact info to keep in touch. She has only been to the United States once, and of all the places, it happened to be in West Yellowstone! -- How cool is that!?

Before cooking, we visited the wet market where she educated us on some of their foods, customs, and history. She taught us how to say good morning, in Cantonese --Jóusàhn ("joe-sun"). She asked us say it to the sellers as we stopped at their booths, they were quite surprised when I said it! It was a great experience, I highly recommend that you taking a cooking class wherever you vacation!

To tell if a fish is fresh, they will fillet it a certain way where it keeps the heart intake. The heart will still be beating!

About the black egg (copied from The Ten Weirdest Foods in Hong Kong):
If you can brave a thousand-year-old egg, you can consider yourself an honorary Hong Konger – these things are potent. They are made from duck or quail eggs buried in a clay, sand and salt mixture for a couple of months. The shell of the egg turns a browny, black, but it’s the inside where the real surprise awaits. The yolk turns dark green and boasts a powerful smell of, well, eggs that have sat around for a couple of months. The eggs can be picked up whole from street vendors around the city or found sliced up in noodle dishes.

We weren't fans of the black egg, haha!

We saw Spider-Man: Homecoming and War for the Planet of Apes -- the movies were in English and it isn't much different than the U.S., except they have one preview before the movie starts and the movies have subtitles.

We went to Temple Street Night Market and Cat Street (Day Market). We found a few small gifts for family and friends, and it was fun negotiating for a lower price with the sellers. I wasn't very good at it, but he was!

We also visited Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden. They had a lot of cute and funny animals! I felt bad for the raccoon that they had. It looked really old and it's coat was discolored. He looked really depressed and lonely. :(

We ate the one star Michelin restaurant Tim Ho Wan. Definitely, a must go! We went there twice. You'll want to get there early, for they open at 9am and people start lining up before then. We were lucky, we got in right away. Their baked pork buns are soooo delicious.. My favorite is the braised pork with steam rice and fried egg. I was very disappointed when we forgot my leftovers on the Star Ferry. Everything on their menu is delicious, so if you can go several times to try every single item, do it!


So overall, it was a great trip! We didn't do too much, but we did enough. We were actually able to have a real relaxing vacation!

I cannot wait for our next adventure next year! I am hoping to go to Greece!