Help Save An Animal




Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter -- Bozeman, MT --
August 2017     Bozeman Real Estate Group     $45.00 *
August 2017
    Bozeman Ashiatsu     $9.00 *
September 2017
    Bozeman Real Estate Group     $4.50 *
December 2017     Hannah L. $10.00

May 2018     Betsy C. $9.00

Kitsap Humane Society -- Silverdale, WA
March 2018     Marla H. $12.00
March 2018     Corinne W. $12.00
March 2018     Jessica S. $16.00

Stafford Animal Shelter -- Livingston, MT -- Website
November 2017     Melissa A. $11.25
August 2017
    Piper     $7.50 *

Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue -- Manhattan, MT
June 2017     Robyn D.     $9.00 *

Donation Amount & Year
2017 - $96.25


Questions & Answers

Do I have to choose an animal rescue from your list?

Not at all! There are a lot of organizations out there, and if you have a favorite one, please let me know! The organization does not need to be in your state, either- I will be more than happy to donate to your preferred choice!

What if I do not have a preference on an animal rescue?

No problem! I will be more than happy to choose one for you! :)

How will it be donated?

Either by check (cash- if I can hand deliver) or most of the websites have an online donation section. I prefer to write a check, that way I can send in a letter with your name mentioned in it. If you would prefer not to be mentioned, no problem- I can keep you anonymous!

~ Feel free to contact me for any other questions ~